Purple Hair


Happy Tuesday!

I heard a beautiful story today.  A woman at work, Sarah, explained why her hair was purple in the most elegant and forthright manner.  Sarah shared her sister was dealing with some health problems and due to her sister shaving her head in solidarity when Sarah was going through her own past health issues. Due to her her sis’ prognosis is not as dandy as she hoped and her sis always wanting purple hair;  in sisterly supportive solidarity she colored her hair purple.  This struck me as so very sweet and to be so straightforward supportive this act also really  touched my heart.  This act of love motivated me to think about what we do for the ones we love and how we show our support.  Whether it be coloring your hair, driving in icky traffic, or simply giving that special person a hug.  Take time to treasure those special ones in our life and know their place in your life is amazingly unique and really worth appreciating.




It is always good to have some kindness in our lives.  Whether it may be a friend who listens when you need or a simple touch when you need support.  We walk each day as a form of exercise and clearing our heads.  I  always look forward to our walks as they are our time which is not shared with anyone else except the others who are enjoying their walks as well.  This particular morning,  a lovely couple in the middle of the meadow and another father and son enjoying their am jaunt.  The lone jogger making the loops and us being greeted with the kindness of, “Good Morning” from a fellow walker.  It is these special acts of pleasantry which are often taken for granted or forgotten as we run through our day.  Thank you for all those random acts of kindness which really make such an impact.