Sage Transition

sage t2

With the arrival of springier weather, my color focus has been drawn to sage green.  It is a beautiful moody washed out green which is perfect for the seasonal transition.  Pretty much any color goes with sage green as it is a nature neutral.  This foundational hue has enlivened my thinking into what interesting color combinations I can put together.  Creativity is the key and nodding toward nature with its expansive color palette will provide the best inspiration.  How would you wear it &…Happy Monday!

Nail polish / Suit / Shoes / Plant / Dish / Bird / Plant / Snowflakes

* Every effort has been made to locate the source of bird image. If you know please share.

Hot Spring Relaxation

hot spring

With the colder weather blowing through it got me thinking about how wonderful it would be to sink into a lovely outdoor hot spring.  To climb into the warm steamy water with the lovely majestic scenery  sounds simply divine!  Add a beverage of your choice and what a lovely way to relax.  We all need to take some time for ourselves especially as the holiday season approaches and we all are running to and fro.  Incorporation some time in your day for you will help you de-stress and appreciate the quiet.  Take time today whether it be 10 minutes or more to relax and daydream…you will be glad you did!

Image (if anyone knows who is the owner of this image please share)

Time Rolls On…


As a fan of classic movies, I am always intrigued to revisit a past time through cinema.  There is always a plethora of details which manifest themselves in the locations, architecture, interiors, furnishings and yes, wardrobe.  Watching the style of the times is always the wonderful visual treat depending on the time frame being depicted.

This time, it was 1964, with all the color and mod fashions with dashes of elegance.  Sex and the Single Girl  with the fabulous Natalie Wood, Tony Curtis and Lauren Bacall, illustrates how over time the question remains the same and how we may be distracted by the daily minutiae we still seek out the love we want in others even though it may be quite the adventure getting through the obstacle course.  Lasting relationships may take more effort than the typical “Meet Cute” but they are worth it.  Go out, seek the love you desire and deserve or better yet, turn to your loved one… 🙂