SheepDog Inspired

This weekend I has the treat of seeing an Old English Sheep Dog!  A cold front had blown in and he looked so happy with his white and grey hair blowing in the breeze.  This is not the type of dog you see everyday so it created a bit of inspiration.



oES Ins

Both are causal and classic and can be interchanged and enjoyed no matter where you go.  Enjoy this Monday and I hope you catch a glimpse of a Sheepdog today!  Happy Monday! Woof!

Shirt / Jeans / Booties / Flats / Tote /  Sweater / Jeans

Color Fun 11: Pumpkin Palette

Pumpkin Food Palette

Yes, it seems to be pumpkin week…this extends to cooking too. The photo above begged for a color fun palette.  The pumpkin orange, grey, black cherry, golden, and moss all fall colors to be mixed and matched however you see fit.  I am very intrigued with the pumpkin and grey combo.  The cooler grey with the warm pumpkin is very contrasty and I am definitely going to incorporate it into my daily wear.  How will you mix it?


Intermix – C & G


These modern art pieces simply inspired me.  Coral & Grey…WOW!  One hue is warm and the other is cool.  The intermix of the two is really modern and unexpected but very welcome.  I especially love the accent of a bubble gum pink.  How have I not thought of this sooner?


They are by an amazing artist, Fede Saenz.  You can purchase them here.

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