Purple Boots


For some odd reason I have always wanted a pair of purple boots.  Years ago, I borrowed a friend’s pair once and wore them each day.  Yes, they brought a spring two  my step and even though they may not have gone with all my clothes having the pop of purple sure did brighten my day.  My thoughts often return to getting a pair which I still have not done. I look and yet, I simply have not found a pair that I am willing to put money down on.  Should I have kept the pair I borrowed previously, that would not be right but I do miss the spring they put in my step.  Who knows…I just may find the right pair.

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Fab Finds: Pineapple Neutrals

Pina Neutrals


Over the extended weekend, I tuned in to one of my favorites, 50 First Dates, (Love My Girl Drew!) which led to this pineapple theme.  I have always loved pineapples and to find some fabulous items which were not the au currant colorful and kitschy was quite fun.  Could pineapples be neutral?  Yes, they sure can.  They can be metallic, blushed, brassy and neutral.  Who knew? What would you do?

Mirror / Brass Jars (Similar) / Bracelet / Flats / Phone Case / Necklace / Rug / Earrings




Happy Tuesday!

A few things I have in my eye line.  Lately, I am very inspired by pastels  especially all things blush and we all know how much I love pink make this coat a simply must have.  The loafers, such classics which are comfort and style slithered into one delightful shoe.  The embellished jeans could take you into day and night.  The bag...what’s to say except, YES!

Coat / Loafers / Jeans / Bag


Randoms 3

It is always fun to go to a website and simply browse.  Nothing in mind just to see what you will come up with.  That happened this weekend and it was such fun.  Everything above would make a fabulous entry space.  With no room in mind simply picking the pieces at random this entry has turned out amazing.  The wallpaper would also be great on a office wall in a small space giving the illusion of a functional space.  The mirror could be propped up anywhere or hung in an entry way which would provide a rustic yet elegant addition.  The elk rug would be uninteresting artistic touch underfoot. The throw would certainly keep you cozy when relaxing or reading a book or simply draped on a chair.  It could also travel from room to room in the house providing a neutral accent.  The coatrack…I have always had something for coatracks.  They are functional yet make such statement.  Finally, the dresser.  This is a statement make wherever you placed it in your home.  Great for corralling clutter in an entry and future use in a bedroom or office.  What have you come up with when you simply browsed around?  What space did you end up decorating?

dresser / throw / coatrack / mirror / rug / wallpaper



Layers Please

Layers Please

With the weather becoming colder, the best way to keep warm is to layer up.  How and what you layer is your personal choice but we all do not want to walk around like the marshmallow man, even though marshmallows are divine!  Layers can be sleek and comfortable which allows for you to peel them back as necessary.  The pieces above are classic enough to be mixed and matched but make strong statements on their own.  Who does not love a gray classically cut wool jacket?  If red is not your flavor;  then,  maybe a more neutral shade would work.  Cords are one of those warmer options which can be dressed up or down.  Chambray shirt…that says it all! The booties are worth owning in all colors as they are polished and yet practical.  I own these and simply could not ask for better comfort & style.  Socks are a fun way to keep your toes warm have fun with them.  Layer, Layer Layer…How would you wear it?

jacket / cords / shirt / booties / socks

Carpet Bagg’n

c bagA bag lady I am.  I have always admired bags made out of carpet or material which looks like carpet.  They are so colorful and inspiring.  I have yet to find one purchase worthy; however, I may have found just the one.  It looks large enough to home everything I need and yet stylish enough to carry me through the fall into the winter. The taupey-grey leather is grounding with the olive, burt orange, navy and gold.  Love the rugged cognac leather strap with the brass D ring. This one is a keeper!