This OR That: Marsala 2 Ways

This or That Marsala

The Pantone Color of the Year 2015 is Marsala!  This is a lovely color which will look great as an accent or as a head to toe look.  It can also work as a neutral.  Marsala is the color of wine and goes with any color on the spectrum.  It simply depends on how adventurous you may be.  This color may not be for everyone but I really love all colors so I will see what I own that might work when the Marsala mood strikes.

This OR That

Zebra of a Different Color


Happy Monday Everyone!

Remember in the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy and friends went to Oz and were carriaged around the city by a “Horse of a different color”?  Well, that is how each new week feels.  We finally have gotten some Springy weather and the extra daylight has been so great! Embrace the new season and figure out what color zebra your day will be!


What You See?


Thursday around here seems to have become Art Day.  I have this image on my wall.  I really love the moody wintery greyness.  As much as I love color, I am very drawn to black and white photography and art.  Maybe the clean lines or the polar colors who knows…This image was the artwork for this movie.  I never get tired of seeing this on my wall.  Please share some of your favorite art.