This OR That: Mustard 2 Ways

Mustard 2 Ways

While organizing, I came across quite a bit of the color mustard.  Yes, I seem to really like this color which is hard to wear for most people as it is not a color most gravitate toward.  Whether it is the main focus or an accent this color really is quite unique.  It ranges from more green to orange to brown.  It would pair well with all neutrals: navy, black, brown, cream and grey.  The challenge is finding the right shade for you along with what neutral suits you best.  I think I might try to pair it with grey as with winter the skies are quite a chilled grey with a bit of mustard to warm it up.  This hand knitted scarf is gorgeous!  I would love to learn to knit so I could make one for myself.  The earrings are faceted loveliness.  How would you wear it?

This OR That

This OR That: Marsala 2 Ways

This or That Marsala

The Pantone Color of the Year 2015 is Marsala!  This is a lovely color which will look great as an accent or as a head to toe look.  It can also work as a neutral.  Marsala is the color of wine and goes with any color on the spectrum.  It simply depends on how adventurous you may be.  This color may not be for everyone but I really love all colors so I will see what I own that might work when the Marsala mood strikes.

This OR That