Happy February!


Happy February!

I cannot believe January has already flown by.  Welcome February!  February is a short month and the middle of winter with Spring on it’s heels.  I have always enjoyed the month of February where you might get a few days of good weather mixed with some wintery goodness.  Here’s to a wonderful month!  The real question: Will we be in for more winter or not?


Wednesday Words: Celebrate

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Today is the 2 year anniversary of OnAngles!  I cannot believe it has been this long already. The time has flown.  Huge thanks to you for visiting and continuing to visit.  The past year, I took a bit of a break while I educated myself.  Thank you for your patience as I have begun to get back into the routine of sharing with you each day.  I still remember my giddiness when I was working on my first post which seemed very apropos and relevant to my beginning the new blogging journey. The feeling still persists as I continue to share with you. I am so honored you would take your time to visit and share.

I really love the idea of celebrating everyday.  We often save our special items for special occasions which really does not allow us to get the most use out of them  or appreciate them.  So, we will adopt the mantra, ” Celebrate Everyday!” and treasure each day as they are a gift.  Cheers!


Rain Dance


This hummingbird dancing in the rain is exactly how I have felt this last week.  Much is going down around you and try as you might you feel like the hummer flapping your wings as fast as you can to stay afloat. Anyhoo…letting life not get to you is very important but often difficult to do.  All we can do is continue to flap our wings and do our best along with being thankful for our tribe around us.  I for one am glad it is the weekend is here and some dryer weather along with it.  Have  a lovely weekend!




It is always good to have some kindness in our lives.  Whether it may be a friend who listens when you need or a simple touch when you need support.  We walk each day as a form of exercise and clearing our heads.  I  always look forward to our walks as they are our time which is not shared with anyone else except the others who are enjoying their walks as well.  This particular morning,  a lovely couple in the middle of the meadow and another father and son enjoying their am jaunt.  The lone jogger making the loops and us being greeted with the kindness of, “Good Morning” from a fellow walker.  It is these special acts of pleasantry which are often taken for granted or forgotten as we run through our day.  Thank you for all those random acts of kindness which really make such an impact.


On the Path Together


We Made It! Yes, it is Friday and we can rejoice as this weekend is an extended one.  I still have many a project to complete but relish the extra day and look forward to enjoying some quality time with my loved one.  Wherever your weekend takes you, stop, and take a moment to let your loved ones know how much they mean to you as you are together on the path.  Happy Weekend!


A Bit of Snap and Pop

Happy Monday!

Last week was Elvis’ 80th birthday and the occsassion motivated me to see some of his early movies.  So, this weekend was quite the marathon of Elvis movies.  While the later ones are formulaic; they are fun and you get to hear “The King” sing!  I thoroughly enjoyed my Elvis movie binge and encourage you to rock and roll with whatever brings you happiness.  Here’s to a great week!

The Great Purge


Happy  2015 Everyone!

I hope everyone has enjoyed a lovely holiday season.  Mine has been eventful as I have focussed on what is termed, “The Great Purge!”  Yes, a switch clicked in me which necessitated an act of clearing house proportions.  I don’t know if finishing my degree or something else facilitated this fire being lit but it has been good whatever caused it.  I have always been a fan of being prepared so that has always led me not to be the overly purge happy type.  I have seen folks simply throw stuff out to be rid of something only to have to buy it later because of their actions.  I also am a fan a having variety in what I wear so I tend not to purge too often…often enough.  I also am not too rough on my clothes as many look brand new.  This means someone else might be able to enjoy them.  I found I actually really enjoyed going through all the items and it also became addicting to fill bags and to get them out of the house.  I also was very surprised on how much stuff I had.  WOW!  I realized I need to include a purge more than once in a blue moon. I also realized I I was very blessed to have such classic taste in clothes which I could still wear and use. In short, I highly recommend purging and can’t wait to begin in other spaces in my home.  Have you ever purged and found you really enjoyed it and learned much about yourself in the process? I’d love to read your shares!  Happy Monday!