Sage Transition

sage t2

With the arrival of springier weather, my color focus has been drawn to sage green.  It is a beautiful moody washed out green which is perfect for the seasonal transition.  Pretty much any color goes with sage green as it is a nature neutral.  This foundational hue has enlivened my thinking into what interesting color combinations I can put together.  Creativity is the key and nodding toward nature with its expansive color palette will provide the best inspiration.  How would you wear it &…Happy Monday!

Nail polish / Suit / Shoes / Plant / Dish / Bird / Plant / Snowflakes

* Every effort has been made to locate the source of bird image. If you know please share.



Caught a cold this weekend and usually when I catch a cold it really takes a toll.  You can only do so much with a cold and it does slow you down.  I have been attempting to rest and drinking much tea.  I have always been a believer in the power of tea and with my cold it really is helping.  It keeps me hydrated and warm.  There is nothing like holding the steaming mug of tea in my ice cold hands that brings such a smile to my face.  Here’s hoping the cold moves through quick and does not impact me too much.  Off for another mug…Happy Monday!