Purple Boots


For some odd reason I have always wanted a pair of purple boots.  Years ago, I borrowed a friend’s pair once and wore them each day.  Yes, they brought a spring two  my step and even though they may not have gone with all my clothes having the pop of purple sure did brighten my day.  My thoughts often return to getting a pair which I still have not done. I look and yet, I simply have not found a pair that I am willing to put money down on.  Should I have kept the pair I borrowed previously, that would not be right but I do miss the spring they put in my step.  Who knows…I just may find the right pair.

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Purple Hair


Happy Tuesday!

I heard a beautiful story today.  A woman at work, Sarah, explained why her hair was purple in the most elegant and forthright manner.  Sarah shared her sister was dealing with some health problems and due to her sister shaving her head in solidarity when Sarah was going through her own past health issues. Due to her her sis’ prognosis is not as dandy as she hoped and her sis always wanting purple hair;  in sisterly supportive solidarity she colored her hair purple.  This struck me as so very sweet and to be so straightforward supportive this act also really  touched my heart.  This act of love motivated me to think about what we do for the ones we love and how we show our support.  Whether it be coloring your hair, driving in icky traffic, or simply giving that special person a hug.  Take time to treasure those special ones in our life and know their place in your life is amazingly unique and really worth appreciating.


Friday Smile

lamb laugh

This is sure going to make you smile.  This lamb (Could not resist since we are now in the year of the sheep) brought a smile to my face and everyone looks better when they are smiling.  It is Friday and we are ready for the weekend.  I have much planned with a community event and a friend coming to town looks like it will be lambtastic!  (Couldn’t resist that either) Hope you enjoy a lovely weekend.


Fab Finds: Pineapple Neutrals

Pina Neutrals


Over the extended weekend, I tuned in to one of my favorites, 50 First Dates, (Love My Girl Drew!) which led to this pineapple theme.  I have always loved pineapples and to find some fabulous items which were not the au currant colorful and kitschy was quite fun.  Could pineapples be neutral?  Yes, they sure can.  They can be metallic, blushed, brassy and neutral.  Who knew? What would you do?

Mirror / Brass Jars (Similar) / Bracelet / Flats / Phone Case / Necklace / Rug / Earrings

Reframing the New Year


It’s already the middle of February and I am just beginning to share some of my New Year’s thoughts with you.  First, I like the idea of beginning anew each month as we do after the holidays in January.  Each month is new and we can enjoy the newness and the clean slate of it each and every month if we make the choice to do so.  Second, a few years ago,  when I began to regularly read blogs, many of the bloggers were pondering their word for the year.  My first time,  I chose, “DO” and DO I did by getting the blog up and going and then, 6 months later beginning on an educational journey.  I definitely learned.  The following year, I was unsure as to what word to choose and thought much about it for quite some time.  I finally decided on the word “Embrace”, as I was going through much change and felt by choosing this word it would help me process and embrace all the chaos.

This year, I looked back at my few choice words and had a tough time deciding on a word for this year.  After much thought, “Reframe” is my word for this year.  I read an article once about learning to reframe is the most valuable skill you can learn.  I have been practicing for the past year and while I still need much more work on this skill, I am getting better at it.  By choosing this word, I am making the commitment to learn this valuable skill and have it continually work for me.  While this post might be considered late,  as most folks have posted their thoughts or resolutions already,  I know the Chinese new year arrives on the 18th so it seemed like a perfect timing.  Here’s to a Doable, Embraceable, and most importantly, Reframeable new year!  Happy Monday!