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Last year, I discovered the most wonderful holiday treat-Dark Chocolate Peppermint Joe Joe’s!  These cookies are like a minty Oreo type cookie which is covered in dark chocolate  and then crushed candy canes sprinkled on top.  They are SO yummy.  After tasting them last year and them selling out VERY quickly, I was only left to dream about them for months until they were restocked for the holidays!  YAY!  If you like chocolate and peppermint, run do not walk to Trader Joe’s to get some…they won’t last long!




How often have we wished we had more hands to get more done.  It seems a never-ending battle in the quest to get things done.  Especially now, with the holiday season upon us having more hands to carry all we need along with helping us manage the pace and the expectations.  I often think about mothers at this time of the year  with all they have to do combined with the additional stressors of the holidays.  How on Earth do they manage?  I have absolutely no idea.  Maybe we should utilize all of our arms and hug the mothers in our lives…just think if we had eight arms what I wonderful hug that would be!


Wear It Like-Denise

WIL Denise

We all have friends who we admire how they dress.  The combos they put together with their friend-style how we wish we could wear with such panache as they.  What often works for one person does not work as well for another.  So, we enjoy it on others.  I am beginning a new series, Wear It Like to showcase all the wonderful everyday style that is is in my life.  While the lovelies in my life may not be celebrities, their style is still inspiring and should be celebrated for the inspiration it provides. Hope you enjoy their style as much as I do!

cords / tank / boots / sweater  (sold out) / earmuffs


s hannon

When we have a tough day, it would help for us to have wings to help whisk us away from the toils of the day.  They would help us escape and provide us distance from the uncomfortable and allow us to have some distance which will lead us to recovery and help provide a bit of perspective.  Finding Susan Hannon‘s lovely sculpture of wings made from old Bibles, was just the ticket after a trying day. I have always had a fondness for wings and I would love this in my home.  Remain positive and keep the faith each coming day will be better and the perspective you gain can only help you as you move forward.


Cookie Exchange

cookie exchange

Last holiday season, I participated in my first cookie exchange.  While I bake, cookies are new for me.  They require a certain rhythm which I cannot seem to master.  I am a fan of  bread baking. You mix it all up,  pour it into a pan and set it a baking!

This year, I again participated in a cookie exchange.  I tried a new recipe and while the cookies turned out great I learned much about cookie recipes and baking.  Cookies are easier made with a mixer, (Note to self: Get one!) and you should really do a test run of the recipe before you begin the batches you will be sharing, and lastly many cookie sheets make cookie baking SO much easier.  Also, when you try a new recipe, really take the time to read it carefully to see if the instructions seem to work to make the amount stated.

After a late night, we all gathered together with festive music and hot coffee, we all began to share our stories of our cookie baking woes.  We all had a myriad of issues but we all worked through them to share wonderful tasty treats with each other.  We shared, tasted and enjoyed.  Off to eat the delicious treats!

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