Time Rolls On…


As a fan of classic movies, I am always intrigued to revisit a past time through cinema.  There is always a plethora of details which manifest themselves in the locations, architecture, interiors, furnishings and yes, wardrobe.  Watching the style of the times is always the wonderful visual treat depending on the time frame being depicted.

This time, it was 1964, with all the color and mod fashions with dashes of elegance.  Sex and the Single Girl  with the fabulous Natalie Wood, Tony Curtis and Lauren Bacall, illustrates how over time the question remains the same and how we may be distracted by the daily minutiae we still seek out the love we want in others even though it may be quite the adventure getting through the obstacle course.  Lasting relationships may take more effort than the typical “Meet Cute” but they are worth it.  Go out, seek the love you desire and deserve or better yet, turn to your loved one… :)


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