Zebra of a Different Color


Happy Monday Everyone!

Remember in the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy and friends went to Oz and were carriaged around the city by a “Horse of a different color”?  Well, that is how each new week feels.  We finally have gotten some Springy weather and the extra daylight has been so great! Embrace the new season and figure out what color zebra your day will be!


Drama Free


There are days when I envy those who are self employed and work from home.  It seems everyone is addicted to the drama and wants to continue to perpetrate it. While I do realize every job is not drama-free; it just seems we all could get so much more accomplished if we worked together without all the finger wagging and intensity cake making.  Staying focussed on the task and the act of accomplishment should always be the upmost importance and the solitary focus.  I for one want less drama so I can reserve that precious energy for everything that is important to me in my life.  Giving energy to that which gives energy is so important and ensuring you have your priorities is also so very important and necessary.  Let’s all move forward and focus on less drama!





Lately, it seems as things have been quite upside down.  Took a quick hiatus from the blog and found I missed it.  Since taking on school, I have felt my blog has suffered and I thank you for stopping by and bearing with me as I continue my scholastic journey.  The end is in sight and as I hang upside down on the monkey bars pondering…Here’s to each new day…each is an opportunity!