Winter Garden

Winter garden

It has been very cold for the past few days.  This is a rarity for this time of year.  Usually it is close to 80 degrees or higher at Thanksgiving.  The cold brings much solitude and thought as I simply want to enjoy the quiet and stay at home in my jommies and warm bed.  (That sure would be the loveliest way to pass the day.) Gardens sleep during the winter months, just as some animals hibernate, until they bloom in Spring.  There is such a quiet sense of solitude about a garden in winter which should be enjoyed.  Would you go to a garden in winter and what would you do?


Classic Movie 3: Holiday-Grant & Hepburn

Holiday '38

On a long weekend away, it was refreshing to sit back with a fire and sip hot cocoa and watch Holiday.  Classic movies have a way of taking us back to simpler times.  I am a fan of the classic black & white.  Cary & Kate…that says it all. Cary Grant is lighter and funny in this film and the script the way Kate delivers the zingers always a good time.  Since the holidays are coming-make them happen sooner and check this fabulous film out today!