Inspired By: The Shaggy D.A.


Sometimes, events in our lives happen which are a painful reminder for us to slow down.  This weekend, I was forced to stop as I fell at the store and one sprained knee later, forced to rest!  I am healing and enjoying a brief respite from school.  (Certainly not the celebratory weekend of the culmination of my first class I had hoped.)  When we are not feeling well, I am a believer in all things that make you feel better and that means movies.  The Shaggy D.A. was the inspiration today.  Fun and light…just what the doctor ordered!

Vintage Pic / Pillow / Warby Parker Duckworth Glasses / Stubbs & Wootton Election Slippers / Roller Derby Sketch / Joanna Morgan Brushed Silver band


September Flowers

flowers,550,morning glory,single flower,botanica

Morning Glories are the flower of September.  They symbolize daintiness, love and magic.  Those words describe September.  Dainty-as sometimes it is the smallest of steps which lead to the seasonal change.  Love-have not met a person who does not like the change of season into fall. Magic-with the change of season comes a  bit a magic as the weather begins to cool and we see the days grow shorter with the nights gathering their steam.  September-lovely, dainty, magic!


Full Circle

This week in class we worked together as an entire group in sharing case studies about situations and leadership.  I was struck by one of my classmates share of letting the light shine.  This reminded me of a story I saw on ESPN, Carry On, which is such an inspiring story.  One of my other classmates commented after watching it and thanked me for sharing.  That act of kindness made me smile.  This touching story had through the power of positivity touched another.  The next day, he stated he is going to have his students watch it.  That is the total full circle.

Happy Fall

fall road1

It’s here…the season change to fall or autumn if you prefer.  A bit of cooler air blew in this weekend and it has been so delightful.  After the summer heat, it really feels a bit more like fall.  This change in seasons is a gift for us to embrace and enjoy.  Take a moment, smell the autumn air and smile with wonder…




This weekend I got some pumpkins!  I love, love love anything pumpkin and to see them at the store means one thing…fall is in the air…no matter where you live and no matter what your weather is Fall is here.  The first day of the fall season will be in a few days but if pumpkins are the harbinger of the season…sign me up!  Go and get yourself a pumpkin, you will be glad you did!




This weekend I was very focussed on school and I found myself quite tuckered out and lacking blog-spiration.  Inspiration is all around. It just is how you look at it.  Anything can inspire you even if you do not think it will.  Wanting to put a quality product out and I always am hopeful of some positivity with it sometimes is a tough order.


In the meantime, I stopped by Target today and saw the new 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection.  So graphic, fun, and artistic.  This scarf would look great framed and on the wall…the perfect cure for lack of blogspiration.