Confession: I am going back to school!  I’m in awe about it myself.  I began last week.  I look forward to the learning but  as always something worth doing takes…TIME!  I know this new endeavor will be a serious draw on my time and I am hopeful to keep up my blogging pace, as I enjoy it so.  Please bear with me if I post sporadically.  This will be an adventure for all of us.  So, let’s go forth and study hard and be sure to enjoy the journey.

Have a safe and happy extended weekend!


Nailspiration 1: The Spy Who Loved Me

spy who

In thinking about the perfect transition color for my nails, my eye settled on red.  While I do love color and I will pretty much wear any color on my nails, red is a tough color for me.  I think I’m more of a pink person and red seems to force me to choose more neutrals and I seem to work harder figuring out what to wear.  A wise friend shared with me, “Just think of it as a neutral!”  This really made me see the color differently.  (I am one who believes camo and leopard are neutrals.)  Funny, I have never thought this way before…Red is timeless and classic…Embrace it!

My transitionary red-OPI’s The Spy Who Loved Me


Crayola Me


Remember when we were little and each year we got to go school shipping?  I have always loved the smell of new crayons.  To this day, when the school supplies begin appearing en mass at stores, I always go and open a box of crayons to enjoy their familiar scent.  I associate it with the back to school rush.  As you know, I LOVE color so choosing a favorite would be really difficult but the highlight was getting the new box of 64 crayons, which allowed me to enjoy those colors throughout the year.  Let’s all go out and enjoy some crayons today!


L-n-F 1: Feel’n Dottie


In honor of back to school, thought I would try my hand at a new series:  LUX-n-FRU! We all love a good deal whether it is a luxury bought on sale or those wonderful goodies we find so frugally.  We all could use a good backpack to carry our school books or simply all  our items through our day.  The hot dots of black and white both will take you through the season.


August Flowers: Gladiolus

gladiola vm

Really loving the flowers at Trader Joe’s.  We are able to get flowers which are not  expensive but really make us smile.  Each week,  we go for our flower run to pick out a bouquet for the week.  Last week, we got our first ever bunch of gladiolas.  They were AMAZING!  It was such a treat to come home each day and see them exploding with colorful blooms!  They seemed to literally flower overnight.  Not bad for a first time flower purchase.  We look forward to our flowers of the week.

Go ahead…give yourself a weekly treat!


Tuesday Tunes 1: Rhasta Beat


In an effort to squeeze the most out of the last few weeks of summer, I have been listening to Bob Marley lately.  I feel as if I have discovered him all over again.  His sound makes you bob your head to the beat  and breath deeply and take in the scenery.  What a gift!  Let’s all take a cue from the rhasta beat and slow down and savor these last few weeks of summer.


Feel’n Fruity

CH Coll

When I was little I remember getting these lovely tins of hard candy.  They were such a treat as they looked like a lovely present on the outside with their realistic illustrations and fonts.  On the inside were hard candy pieces gently sprinkled with powdered sugar. They came in a variety of flavors…a choice for everyone.  While shopping today I happened on a tin which has renewed my taste for them.  Good news!  You can get them here!

CavHarv coll2