Checking Your Box

Think about the joy of receiving mail…where you physically open your mail box…the excitement & anticipation of what might be waiting for you when the door opens …whether a card from  a loved one, advertisement, a bill or even junk mail checking the mailbox was and still is a sense of mystery and wonder.  I had to go to the post office today and got these.  WOW!  Stamps…such variety.  There’s something for everyone.  They allow you to personalize your post and have fun picking out just the right one.  Go to your local post office and check out the myriad of stamp options…or check them out on line!

la florida stamp


Carry Me Away

Happy Monday Kids!

Memorial day weekend will soon be upon us -YAY!- and finding the right summer carry all can be a fun.  I stumbled on this lovely at Target and actually passed it by! Then, because I simply could not get it out of my head, I went back and got it .  It’s the the classic neutrals and perfect size will carry all you need where ever the summer takes you.



If you wanted a more colorful carry all with a tribal twist this might be the one for you!