Color Fun 38: Ferris Wheel

cf ferris wheel

Happy Tuesday!

Life has seemed much like a ferris wheel with the round and round and not stopping.  I did not intend to be gone this long then again, the funny thing called, life, got in the way.  A few weeks ago, I had such a bout with food poisoning no posts were going to happen and then right after an allergy issue for which I am still scratching my head.  Being creative is so difficult when you do not feel that well.  Currently, I am posting with a kitty on my lap which presents another set of paws!  I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful early April holiday whether it be Easter or Passover.  I love the pastel colors and how much they can change one’s view.  Spring is here and with it comes pastels!  Enjoy the lovely gift of a day that is presented to us!



Sage Transition

sage t2

With the arrival of springier weather, my color focus has been drawn to sage green.  It is a beautiful moody washed out green which is perfect for the seasonal transition.  Pretty much any color goes with sage green as it is a nature neutral.  This foundational hue has enlivened my thinking into what interesting color combinations I can put together.  Creativity is the key and nodding toward nature with its expansive color palette will provide the best inspiration.  How would you wear it &…Happy Monday!

Nail polish / Suit / Shoes / Plant / Dish / Bird / Plant / Snowflakes

* Every effort has been made to locate the source of bird image. If you know please share.